All Special Treatments Neymar Recieves at PSG that Annoys Teammates

It is no longer news that Neymar is the player who holds the current World Record Transfer Fee from Barcelona to PSG in 2017 summer. But the speculations surrounding him and his teammates at PSG makes it more interesting. French Magazine La Perisien has revealed all special treatments Neymar receives at the club that could develop bad blood among his teammates. Let us remember that about a month ago, PSG reportedly offered Cavani 1m pounds to allow Neymar take the set pieces following their on-pitch feud. Cavani rejected the offer.
In a disturbing report that could be detrimental to the motivation of the team, below are the Special Treatments PSG reportedly give to Neymar at the expense of his teammates:

  • Neymar has been dedicated two Special Physiotherapist who would only look after Neymar while his teammates get attention from other physios
  • Personalized Bag and Wears: Only Neymar is allowed to come to the training with his sponsored and personalized kits while his teammates are restricted to the PSG kits
  • No Hard Tackle: No player is allowed to tackle Neymar hard during training. Any player found guilty would be punished
  • Set Pieces: This was the cause of feud between Neymar and Cavani, and while Cavani refused to give in, it looks like there is a plan to sell him next summer as PSG has confirmed that Neymar will be the official set piece taker as from next season.

Do you think PSG are on track with all these preferential treatments for Neymae

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