Arsenal Woes! See Some Shocking Reasons Why Arsene Wenger Should Not be Blamed

Following 13 years Premier League trophy drought and no European title, many Arsenal fans and favourites have called for the head of the manager, Arsene Wenger. Wenger joined Arsenal in 1997, that is two decades since arriving the club and has thus far won 3 EPL titles and 7 FA Cups. Wenger has neither won the Carabao (formerly known as The League Cup or recently EFL) nor any of the two European titles.
The last time Arsenal were untouchable under Arsene Wenger was the last time they won the Premier League title in 2004. Then they had the likes of Thierry Henry (£11 million), Robert Pires(£6 million), Vieira (£3.5 million), Fredrick Ljunberg(£3 million), Dennis Bergkamp (£7.5 million) just to mention a few.
If you look at this team closely and the quoted figures, you would realize the manager was the main man when it comes to spotting  raw and refined talents, acquiring them at cheap rate the getting the best out of them. After the generation of the invincible, came the likes of Van Persie, Samir Nasri, Song, Walcott, Clichy, Adebayor… etc. If you have been following football closely, you would know these are bright talents who could win anything as a team, but what happened to all of them? They were all sold, mostly to rival clubs.
Then comes the yearning for the manager to spend big in the market. Against Wenger’s wish, £40 million plus was splashed Mesut Ozil and then subsequent signing of Alexis Sanchez and now Lacazette. No doubts, these are extra-ordinary players and obviously cannot achieve great things all by themselves. There need to be a strong team to achieve great things.
It took Real Madrid another 10 years to achieve their 10th UCL title. Liverpool for instance have not won a single title since the birth of Premier League in 1992.
Football Fans are powerful and if we have to be sincere, alot of decision made recently by Wenger have been influenced by the fans. For instance, majority of Arsenal fans complain bitterly about Giroud which led to the signing of Lacazette. Wenger will bench Giroud for Lacazette but Giroud will still be the man to come off bench to make an impact if things are going wrong.
Wenger as a manager is not used to buying expensively to get his jobs done. Although, the football market has gone extremely crazy and you can hardly get what you want without breaking a transfer record. This always happen to clubs the football world thinks is desperately in need of a team overhaul like Manchester United was a victim. But, how do the likes of Atletico Madrid, Southampton and Juventus get players on a cheap and sell at higher price?
What is Arsenal management doing to issues such as Contracts, Club vision and commitment of players.
Are they really willing to sack Wenger for a complete change of the system?
These are questions Arsenal fans need to answer and not unnecessarily blame Wenger

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