Arsene Wenger To Fine Iwobi For Bad Behaviour

Is this what Iwobi really needs right now?
Iwobi who played the full 90 minutes in  Gunners shock 4-2 defeat on Sunday was caught on camera partying till around 3:30am the day Arsenal played against Nottingham Forest and his coach Arsene Wenger has vowed to punish him if found guilty.
A Snapchat video clip captioned, “Shouldn’t Iwobi be sleeping?” shows the 21-year-old dancing and singing among a group of people and “The Sun” reported that Iwobi was caught on camera dancing in central London at 2.37am on Saturday morning.

Reacting to this,Arsene Wenger said.
“If that is true he will be fined. It’s unacceptable,” Wenger told reporters on Tuesday morning.

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