Chelsea and Conte in Crisis

Much have been said about the growing speculations surrounding Conte’s future at Chelsea and this is having a serious impact on the club’s performance on recent weeks.
Chelsea’s latest draw against Leicester sums up a lacklustre performance which shows the players have left the fight for the coach alone. Unlike last season, when Chelsea’s winning season cannot be attributed to their qualities but zealous never give up spirit and a classy energy from the players, the piece is missing this season and the manager can confirm after his players tired statement following Leicester stalement.
There is a growing concern at Stamford Bridge concerning Conte leaving at the end of the season, also the manager has confirmed anything could happen come end of the season.
Chelsea may not need to take such drastic movement as replacing a manager who has established himself just a year after arriving Premier League could be tasky. The players need to take part of the blame as well and if Conte stays, he may as well take a bold step to flush out some of the players

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