Conte Doing a Mourinho at Stamford Bridge Annoys Chelsea Fans

Chelsea fans are presently not happy with situations at the club at the moment. With a run of three games without a win, it is not the fans are expecting at this period of the season. Unlike last season, Chelsea are not having a good time in the league and after succumbing title chances to runaway leader, the fans would savour a chance for Cup glory. Chelsea fielded the entire first team players in the squad that faced Arsenal’s second team in the Carabao’s cup semi final, yet devised a defensive tactics which led to a boring stalemate at Stamford Bridge.
Hazard particularly has had a dip in form for some games now and Morata is finding it hard to score with his feet. Willian has stopped saving them and no magic coming from Pedro. Recently, the war-of-word between Conte and Mourinho has dominated headlines and some are seeing this as distraction to the Chelsea boss. All in all, Chelsea fans are not happy with present situation, bearing in mind that they will face Barcelona in the Champions League in Febrauary.

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