Too Early to Judge! Should United Fans be Buzzing Already after Just Two Games

Manchester United fans are feeling so excited right at the moment and you can only attribute this to their performance in the last two Premier League games of the new season where they have scored eight and conceded zero.
It is understandable that it has been a long time, say since Ferguson’s time that they were able to perform excellently well for two consecutive games. Their win at Swansea confirmed that’s is their best start to EPL in 110 year.
Although, the manager warned and reminded the fans that this time last season, the club also won the first two games and they end up in the 6th position.
United presently lie first in the Premier League table after 2 matches, with their rivals struggling. For instance, Arsenal lost to Stoke over the weekend while Liverpool and Chelsea have either lost or drawn.
Another point to note is the general team performance and that of the new players (Matic and Lukaku). Both have contributed well to the recent success of the team, while Lukaku has managed four goals in three competitive games, Matic has provided an assist and have been manning the midfield like a boss.
With all these stated, is it too early for United fans to judge or this is just a sign of many good things to come.
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