Glorious Chaios! as Arsenal Wins Leicester City In EPL Opener

A blistering start to the new season and, at last, a blistering new feeling at the start of a season for Arsenal. Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud came off the bench to fire a late turn-around and 4-3 win over Leicester City and give Arsene Wenger just his second opening-day win since 2010.
A trend was broken, even if Arsenal aren’t quite completely fixed. The glorious chaos of this match still conformed to some of the old order from opening weekends past for the home side: an injury crisis, consequently cataclysmic defending, and the kind of tension you usually only get at the end of a season, but that this Arsenal always seems to endure in their first game.
Wenger has problems to solve, but then he also has three points, while Alexandre Lacazette has his first goal.

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