Man United’s Striker Lukaku Blamed Everton Mentality for Poor Scoring Record Against Big Teams

Having failed to score for Manchester United against Liverpool on Saturday, Romelu Lukaku accepts criticisms for his poor scoring records against big teams, but blamed his time at Everton for his failure. Although, it is wrong to criticize him for not performing in big matches because this is his first season at Manchester United and no big club in the league would boast of not conceding a goal from the Belgian striker. But he may not have been consistently doing that as such the likes of Rooney, Aguero and other great strikers that have emerged in the league
After the game against Liverpool on Saturday, Lukaku stated the following:
“I had a good time. I learned my trade over there. I am really grateful to the club no matter what happened.
“But now I am in a team where we want to win against the big teams and we want to win every game, so I think the situation will change.
“I don’t put pressure on myself. I think the biggest pressure game for me was the Super Cup against Real Madrid.
“That was the game for me where everybody was looking at me and thinking will he do it there. I think it freed me from everything.”
Do you think he can do well against big team at Manchester United ?

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