Mourinho Certain he will not Retire at Manchester United

Mourinho has thrown more lights to suggestions he may have gotten to his final destination in his coaching career. Sir Alex Ferguson had a successful and long term career with Manchester United, spending 26 years before he retired in 2013. Mourinho is on course to extend his contract with the club and has used the Champions League press media to let everyone knows that Manchester United will not be his last club.
He said “we are now in the modern era in football and it will be very difficult to see any manager spend 10-15 years in any single club and reckons Wenger will be the last of such in football.”
Mourinho signed a 3 year contract with the club last summer and is expected to extend following a successful year which sees him return the club to Champions League through winning the first ever Europa League title for them. He has also improved them in overall style of play, although, he was heavily criticized for his defensive approach against Liverpool last weekend

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