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Mourinho is the Only Matured Manager in Premier League

Mourinho has described his lack of celebration of Man United goals as a thing of maturity and tagged other coaches who does so as immatured


In his recent post match press conference, Mourinho has described his lack of jubilation anytime Manchester United finds the back of the net as a sign of Maturity. If you noticed, Mourinho hardly celebrates anytime his team finds score. When a journalist asked him why he didn’t celebrate Lukaku’s goal after the Belgian opened the scoring for United against Westbrom on Sunday, he replied and said:
“I didn’t celebrate too. Nobody was happier than me. Fifteen years ago I look at myself celebrating goals. With maturity you go into levels that you control your emotions better,” he explained at a press conference.
However, just as usual, he aimed a dig at rival coaches, Guardiola and Conte who usually go gaga anytime their teams scored. He said:
“You get more experienced, you get more balanced. You don’t go crazy when you win. You don’t get depressed when you lose. You are much more stable with experience. Some other managers, they are different, and they don’t change.
“I change. If I score a goal in the last minute you will see me run, for sure, for sure. But a goal in minute 20-something, 1-0 with a lot to play… Let’s play.”

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