Why Mourinho’s Man United May Not Win Any Trophy This Season

Manchester United crash out of the Carabao Cup last night after losing to Bristol on Wednesday night. Although, they have improved when compared to their overall stats from last season but they still lack the hunger to become the Champions of England once again. They were lucky not to have beaten Bristol, but then they could have pushed harder when they needed a win at all cost. Bournemouth almost dragged Chelsea to dragged Chelsea to extra-time after scoring in the last minute but Chelsea sealed the win through a Morata’s effort to pitch them against Arsenal in the next round.
Starting from the attack.. Unlike other big teams where there form of their defence starts from attack. Liverpool would not allow opposition team rest for a whole 90 minutes. The bully the defence of their opposition team, forcing them to play against their plans. But United attacks are very lazy, they allow opposition team play to their plans, waiting for counter-attacks that has not consistently work for them. Only Lingard charges the attack, but he is not so clever using the ball and cannot be guaranteed a place in the starting eleven.
Martial, Rashford, Miki and Lukaku give opposition defence and midfield more room to exploit and run them by. They only pick up aggression when they have gone one goal down. They don’t give in fight like those under Ferguson did. Matic is slow and doesn’t mark.. United have missed Fellaini who has really contributed well to United’s recent success. He throws himself to games and that is why he is being booked in almost all matches. The passion is what other players are not giving
United Lack Pogba’s Replacement… United might have lost the game to Bristol, but they were no doubt unlucky after hitting the post twice and the Bristol keeper was brilliant, saving them on a number of occasions. Unlike the other recent matches where Man United could hardly create chances, Pogba opened up some spaces in Bristol’s defence but as said earlier, United were unlucky.
All in all, United players need to up their character if they are to win any trophy at all this season. The other trophies left to be challenged are no child’s play.

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