No Neymar, No Problems for PSG as Cavani Brushed Nice Aside – Video

Cavani has proven a number of times this season that he is as much important in the PSG team as Neymar. PSG was without Neymar who picked up a red card in their last league match against Marseille. Cavani stood affirm, scoring a brace which help PSG claim a vital 3-0 victory over Nice on Friday night.
Neymar picked up a red card in a crucial moment the last time. PSG were trailing 2-1 down against Marseille when Neymar picked a second yellow towards the end of last quarter of the second half, leaving them to play the last 15 minutes with 10 men against their arch rival. Same Cavani rose and save PSG a point. Now he has done it again against a stubborn Nice team.
We could re-call that there have been media reports suggesting Neymar is being accorded a preferential treatment at the expense of he whole squad and also claims that Cavani could be sold because of Neymar at the end of the season. Well, it may sound cool to the PSG hierarchy but could be detrimental to the team’s progress if they lose Cavani considering his importance and contribution to the squad

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