Emiliano Sala: Player Found Dead in Plane Wreckage Following Thorough Search

Following thorough search by investigators, thw remaina of Emiliano Sala who got missing in a plane following his winter transfer from Nantes to Cardiff got missing on his way to join his teammates in training

Sala was aboard a plane which was meant to take him to Cardiff where he was to join his new teammates after completing a winter transfer move from Nantes in January, but couldn’t accomplish his dream after the plane was reportedly missing. However, the plane was found in the English Channel on Sunday morning, following a two-week search for the aircraft that was carrying the missing footballer.

The plane was located following an extensive search of the area with a search boat positively identifying the aircraft after discovery on Sunday.

Marine scientist David Mearns led the search on Sunday and confirmed that the plane was located and that families were notified by police.

Wreckage of the plane carrying Emiliano Sala and piloted by David Ibbotson was located early this morning by the FPV MORVEN. As agreed with the AAIB they moved the GEO OCEAN III over the position we provided them to visually identify the plane by ROV. #EmilianoSala

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