Ouch! On Fire Ronaldo Hurt Journalist with a Wayward Shot in Training

Ronaldo may have shown his eagerness ahead of today’s Champions League final in a bizzarre way as he hurt a journalist while training on Friday. One journalist who attended Real Madrid’s Friday training session got a pair of unexpected mementos – Cristiano Ronaldo’s training jacket and a cut to the face.

Ronaldo apologised to Prieto and gave him his Real training jacket as a peace offering

Real were training at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev ahead of facing Liverpool in the Champions League final. Ronaldo took a shot, which uncharacteristically veered off target. It was certainly expected for one cameraman, who was struck on the head by the effort.

Lorenzana Prieto, working for Spanish-language American television station Univision Deportes Network, had his camera hit by the wild shot from Ronaldo, which in turn hit him in the face.

There was concern for Prieto, with the shot causing a deep cut over his right eye and leaving him having to staunch heavy bleeding with a handkerchief. However the cameraman eventually proved to have suffered no long term damage, and was soon after seen with a large plaster over the wound.

Source: Dailymail UK

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