Who Is More Popular: Christiano Ronaldo or Beyonce?

I saw a thread on the front page yesterday about Cristiano Ronaldo and Beyonce on who is more popular and before I could see the thread it already has 4 pages so I don’t bother commenting, so I create this thread to let people know my view on it. Ronaldo and Beyonce? Oh my God how on Earth will someone wake up and compare Ronaldo to Beyonce in term of fame, Ronaldo is two times popular than Beyonce these are my point:
1. If we want to go with social media follower then a lot of people knows Ronaldo but are not following him because of different reasons, if you want to arrive at a rough figure of who truly know Ronaldo on social media then you have to add his Followers+ Bale followers+ Bensema’s follower+ Modric’s followers+ Kroos’s follower+ Sergio Ramos’s Followers+ Marcello’s Followers+ All other Real Madrid team mate and all past real Madrid mate like Casillas, Pepe, Raul, Ozil, Higuain, Kaka, etc what you get will be over 1 billion now it’s time to add it to Barcelona past and present player like Messi’s followers+ Neymar’s follower+ Suarez Followers+ Iniesta Followers+ Pique Followers+ Xavi’s Followers+ Valdes’s Followers+ Puyol’s Followers+ David Villa’s Followers etc the addition will surely over

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