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Who Is More Popular: Christiano Ronaldo or Beyonce?


2 billion now add it to Athletico Madrid players, Athletic Bilbao players, Sevilla players, Villarreal players and other La Liga clubs, am telling you the result is over 5 billion already.
Now it’s time to move to Premier league and add all the big players past and present like Rooney, Lampard , Drogba , Cech, Verdersar, Vidic , Ferdinand, Scholes, Terry, Aguero, Silva, etc by the end of your addition your result should be above 10 billion already now let move to Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Portugal league, Scottish league and add all of them together by this time the result will be over 30 billion. That’s just followers. To compare this to Beyonce’s own add all American singer together, Spanish singers, German singers together you can get above 10 billion.

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