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Who Is More Popular: Christiano Ronaldo or Beyonce?


5. Internet: In a place that there is no internet they might not know who Beyonce is because almost everything about music these days is on the internet like her new song, tour, album. But Ronaldo even if there is no internet connection football is still widely played and the most player will still be known. For instance in the 90s that there is no internet connection in Nigeria people still know some Abroad players like Rivaldo, Delima Ronaldo, etc from the Atlanta 96 ( my mum can even mention 10 players from Atlanta 96 up till now she didn’t know who Beyonce is) tell me how many people know American artiste as at then if not for those that can afford travelling out. Pele of Brazil have retired before the give birth to most people here but he is still very popular than some present American artist self now tell me a singer in the time of Pele that is still worldwide known ( if you mention a name I will have to use Google because I don’t know any). Look at Rashford with just only 1 season of top football he is more popular than all Nigeria artist put together, that’s what football can do.
My conclusion: Except God, Jesus, Muhammed, and some icons in the Bible and Quran I don’t think there is anybody as popular as those playing football considering how football is mostly played everywhere.

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