Real Madrid Star, Sergio Ramos Releases Debut Music Single – Video

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has despite a successful football career shown the world his versatile nature by releasing a music single. Ramos took to Instagram to announce debut rap composition ‘SR4’ just a week ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League final against Liverpool in Kiev.

On his Instagram page, Ramos revealed that there would be more to come from Sergio the singer: ‘My house, some friends, plenty of magic and this is the result. My life in a song… and lots of verses still to write

He joined the list of other footballers who had also started a career in music. This include Former Barcelona star Ronaldinho, American international Clint Dempsey, Brazil international Neymar and former Real midfielder Royston Drenthe all attempted a foray into music and released singles over the past few years

Footballers have a long history of trying their hand on the music scene. .

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