Really! New Study Claims Lionel Messi is Being Overpaid – Details

A new study on player wages has claimed that Barcelona may not be getting their money’s worth out of Lionel Messi’s astronomical weekly salary.
His wonderful talent has been duly compensated with a salary package that makes Messi one of the richest men in sport, alongside Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo.
According to the International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, however, he may not merit such a high valuation.
And despite his status as one of the finest players in the world, Messi comes out at the top of the list of overpaid stars, with the IJCSS contending his true value is some €320,000 lower than his actual weekly wage.
“For instance, a player such as Lionel Messi receives a weekly wage of €550,000 given that part of it is sponsorship, merchandise sales, image rights, and other incomes outside the scope of wins or performance on the field,” the report said.
“Using pattern recognition, Messi’s predicted salary computed based on the performance and wages of the current football players in the major football leagues would have been about 50% less.”

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