Tanko Predict and Win Trivia Terms and Conditions

Tanko Soccer Predict and Win Trivia is a premium service which is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. By entering into the Tanko Soccer Predict and Win Trivia, the user agrees to be 18 years and above and also agree to the game’s stated terms and conditions

2. Users are expected to strictly follow the game rules which is placed on the PREDICTION PAGE as failure to do so will render a game null and void

3. Players are advised to pick for prediction ONLY from the fixtures made available by Tanko Soccer

4. Prediction entries are stopped ONE HOUR before the first game as any additional entries are not considered when the games have already started

5. For each game, user selects amount to pay, and prizes are set for each amount selected

6. Tanko Soccer hold the exclusive right to cancel or alter fixtures or games

7. ONLY those who predicted the five fixtures correctly are OUTRIGHT WINNERS of the predict and win game but CONSOLATION PRIZES given for good efforts are solely at the discretion of Tanko Soccer

8. Winners are contacted within 72 hours after which all games have been played