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Was Chelsea Really a Second Choice for Alvaro Morata?


Chelsea were likely expecting a tough game at the Stadio Olimpico this week, but they didn’t even need to watch until the match itself started for the examination to begin. That came when Alvaro Morata was placed in front of the Italian press following comments made in an interview published that day. There was squirming.
The Chelsea striker was pressed on remarks he made about living in London, with the 25-year-old bemoaning the price of property, among other things, in the capital. “London fascinates me with its multi-ethnicity, the coexistence of cultures and religions, but I do not see myself living here for very long. Too much, too much stress, too many metropolises.”
He went on to admit how he misses Italy and how his wife wants to return to Spain. It prompted Morata, in front of a baying press on Monday, to go somewhat over the top in his commitment to the cause at Chelsea, insisting that he would sign a 10-year contract with the club if it was offered to him. It was a bit like a cheating boyfriend proposing after being caught flirting with another woman.
Alvaro Morata could have been a United player if they had terms with Real Madrid. The speculation filled the summer and Morata was really excited at the prospect of joining. United opted for Lukaku while Morata later joined Chelsea. Reports now emerge that Morata may already be fed up with lives in London and would probably want to leave in the near future. It is too early in the Spanish career at Chelsea and this kind of statement could affect his relationship with Conte just like it happened with Costa. Morata had so far scored seven goals in all competitionss for the Blues and has failed to score in his last six matches

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