Why Real Madrid Could be in Trouble

Real Madrid were condemned to a shock defeat at Wembley last night after Dele Alli’s brace helped Tottenham to a 3-1 victory in the Champions League.
Still reeling from weekend’s shock defeat to lowly Girona. Real Madrid had a fine start to the game, pressurizing and trying to grind out an early lead. But Tottenham were resilient, scoring all three goals before the last quarter of the match before Cristiano Ronaldo scored a consolation for the last two Champions League winner.
Ronaldo has been having poor run in LA Lisa this season, scoring only once since his return from ban. His poor run of goal scoring form has really hit hard on the team as a whole. If Ronaldo is scoring, Real Madrid are winning. The recently crowned Balling d’or winner really needs to step up. The team really looks tired and some swift movement is expected from the boss if they are to challenge for title this season.
If clubs such as Girona beats you in LA Lisa and you were battered by Tottenham in the Champions League despite after fans and football experts see you as favourite, then you know there’s fire on the mountain

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